Foto: Encuadernación

The production process includes the top quality book binding with a broad range of options. We therefore use the following:

  • Aster 6000 thread book sewing machine 

    • Format up to 300x500

  • Smyth thread sewing machine with 12 tray gathering machine

    • Format up to 300x500

  • Muller Martini Normbinder with an inline flap folding system

    • Spine thickness up to 58 mm

  • Trilateral Muller Martini Zenith

    • Spine thickness up to 58 mm

  • Muller Martini Frontero face trimmer, for books with flaps

    • Spine thickness up to 50 mm

  • Wohlenberg Quickbinder

    • Spine thickness up to 65 mm

In addition, we have a series of partners, with a view to providing a service in hard covers, flexi book and stapling.